Over 50 Career Transition: What Do I Do Tomorrow?

Posted by on April 10, 2016
Over 50 Career Transition: What Do I Do Tomorrow?

On a Friday afternoon, I got a call from a professional colleague and friend. His voice was cracking. He was in shock, “Oh my god, I’m 55 years old and just when everything is going well, it all falls apart and my job is gone! Marv what do I do? I have a family to support and a kid just starting college!

Today I coach many Baby Boomers who are facing this daunting setback in life. As a leadership and career coach and consultant, I have 5 key career recovery steps that I drive into my clients:

Marv’s 5 Key Impact Zone Career Recovery Steps

1.  Use the Resources Offered or Call a Mentor. If your severance package offers you an outplacement counseling program, call them immediately! If you have not been offered an outplacement plan, call people like me who give immediate and intensive coaching. In either case, begin the transition process and get COACHING! Get your head together!

2.  Be Open Honest and Direct with Your Family. This will be hard for your family, but you have to get through this step to leverage the support and love of the family.

3.  Engage the Professional World ASAP. I have a rule for the Chief Human Resources Officers of world. If you have to severe a worker, NEVER do it after Wednesday. Why? If you respect workers you must provide them the opportunity to immediately engage the process of recovery. Yes, the old style was to severe people on Friday at 5 pm. The issue: This does not allow the severed person to immediately re-engage, find support services and begin the transition process.

4.  Establish a Plan of Action and Recovery. With your significant other, assess the situation and begin to layout a plan. Document the steps, starting with updating your resume.

5.  Execute the Plan Like a Heat Seeking Missile. Get busy! Call your key contacts. Tell them what happened. MOST IMPORTANT: be professional. Never demean the company that severed you. Remember, you will need a reference.

In summary, being severed is a devastating event in life. You can get through it. Do not be afraid to get the assistance needed.

PS: I began this article with a story about a man who called me after being severed late on a Friday afternoon. Today he owns a lucrative firm.  In my work, these are moments that I live for:

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