Finding Your Internship: What Employers Want You To Know (watch)

Posted by on April 22, 2016
Finding Your Internship: What Employers Want You To Know (watch)

An internship is a job, it’s not a nice thing to do, it’s not an optional thing to do: It’s a must thing to do to jump-start your career. 

a version of this article originally appeared in Executive Insights

Marv Russell, the author of Finding Your Internship: What Employers Want You To Know, was featured in an interview with Executive Insights of the Soundview Corporate Learning Solutions on the importance of internships in today’s business world. Marv has coached, counseled and taught hundreds of individuals how to find the right internship.

Marv’s Key Message to Students:

Don’t sit around and wait for an internship to come to you. You have to MAKE the opportunity and create the ideal proposal that a prospective employer feels warrants hiring you!

Finding Your Internship: What Employers Want You to Know contains 20 steps or “20 Intern Impact Zones” that create a path to successfully securing the right internship opportunity.

Each step is focused on you and your efforts, behaviors and willingness to commit to the process. If you want an internship, then you have to own and manage the process and stop whining and telling everyone that all the good internships are gone, or that you couldn’t interview when the companies were on campus because your counselor screwed up.

If you want an internship you have to be prepared, be aggressive and make it happen.


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