Bring Your Child to Work Day-ly

Posted by on April 4, 2016
Bring Your Child to Work Day-ly

Adam Laroche was not a victim in this crazy dispute over bringing “my son to work, each and every day.” I don’t care what his performance is or how much money he makes. I don’t care what the other players say and I’m sure Laroche’s son is a great kid. I’ve been a senior HR guy for a number of years. I am the biggest advocate for work/life balance and most important, the organization’s support of family values and commitment to the health, benefit and welfare of employee families. Now let’s grow up and be realistic!

5 Principles of Work/Life Balance and Support of Family Values

1. Establish rules that apply to everyone.

2. Companies should schedule time for our children to visit us at work to understand what we do, understand the commitment it takes to develop and sustain career and most important, to set an example of what hard work means. Over 37 million Americans at over 3.5 million workplaces participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, on the fourth Thursday of each April. The organization promotes the benefits of children understanding what their parents do at work, and educate companies and parents on the do’s and dont’s of bringing a child to the workplace.

3. Whenever possible an organization should be flexible. Remember, we all don’t all make $13 million per year like Adam Laroche. Sometimes, the daycare, school and support system break down for any number of reasons and the employee has no other choice but to bring their child to work for an hour, or even a day. Some companies can accommodate emergency child care issues; others can not. Other companies can provide on-site childcare facilities.

4. There are certain environments where the workplace is not a good or safe place for kids. Trust me: day in and day out, a locker room is not always a child-friendly environment.

5. Employees can not abuse the privilege of bringing children to work. We have a job to do and no matter how great and committed you may be to parenting, you have a job to do and our children can not be a part of our job every day of our lives.

In summary Adam Laroche, you are a great father, just like my dad was. My dad was at every practice on the sideline supporting and encouraging me. He arranged his factory work schedule to be at those practices and every game from grade school through college. You and your son are so blessed. Your choice is your choice, your priorities are your priorities. Go for it!!!

Support your child and his development as a student-athlete. However, the White Sox Club House is NOT your personal territory to do with what you want.

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