3E Leadership™

To Our Clients:

When I developed Essential Exceptional and Ethical Leadership™ (3E Leadership™) it was my objective to establish a superior appreciation for the rights, dignity and respect of the entire workforce, customers and clients and community. The character and the behavior of 3E Leadership™ demands a specific combination of competencies that guide and serve as the foundation for decision-making. These six competencies define a commitment that the ethical leader makes to his or her self, the workforce and community.

3E Leaders must be:

  1. Ethical and understand that integrity and trust matters.
  2. Humble and approachable.
  3. Willing to engage and empower the workforce.
  4. Willing to listen and be relentless communicators.
  5. Strong and courageous in their convictions and learn from their successes and their failures.
  6. Searching continuously search for the Impact Zone.

Excellence in 3E Leadership™ is achieved only through change. It is our job as leaders to seize upon change to create excellence. We need to build a successful culture within our team, our departments and our company that is prepared and appreciates the opportunity to grow.